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About Josh & Courtney Ungaro

Winter 2011, Josh and Courtney met and immediately hit it off. They both had a passion for changing their community and helping those around them in a time of need. They both were very close to their grandparents, and felt that they were shaped by that generation to, “work smart, not hard.” And to treat everyone by the golden rule. They have played a role in many local and national charities, but knew that they weren’t serving the group that they knew needed the biggest hand up, and that was the students and families in the commnunity. 

In Fall of 2016, it was decided that they would create a school for student’s that encouraged their strengths, but also allowed them to embrace their individuality as a student and how they learned. The school would be called Perspectives Preparatory Academy. Courtney came from a long line of teachers, but had no education experience herself, nor did Josh. They leaned on Courtney’s grandmother, Teresa Abramovitz, for her educational expertise. Teresa had been an educator for over 40 years and knew that PPA was a need in the education community. Unfortunately, in Spring 2017, Teresa lost her battle with cancer, and was never able to see PPA open and serve the community, but her passion for her students and education shines through the staff as PPA everyday. 

Josh’s grandfather Bill Whitlow was a pillar of the Baxter Springs, Kanasas community and he too was an entrepreneur, much like Josh. Many hours, days, and weeks were spent in the shop with Bill and discussing life, goals, and work ethics. When Josh shared PPA with Bill he was so proud of the goals that Josh had set and achieved. He always knew Josh had a heart for helping others,and was so thrilled to witness his hard work. Bill unfortunately lost his battle with cancer in Fall of 2016. 

Cancer took two incredible people from this world too soon. Josh and Courtney had been previous donors of the American Cancer Society’s Cattle Baron Ball, but knew they could do more. “When we were asked to chair the Cattle Baron’s Ball we were so humbled. We knew this was a chance for us to shine a light on what American Cancer Society (ACS)  is doing for our community on a local and national level, and also honor the individuals who made us who we are. We are delighted to share what ACS is doing for Springfield and surrounding areas for those going through one of the scariest times of their lives, and how they are working to eliminate the number of people who have to experience this terrible disease in their lifetime,” said Courtney Ungaro.